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April, 2018


Everything In Between Radio April 25th 2018

On the show tonight we discussed the 4/20 edition of Cannabox, the bigfoot conference taking place in the Ironton, OH library, a possible road trip to the Caddyshack themed restaurant in Chicago, Bruce Campbell retiring from the role of Ash in the Evil Dead franchise, and the story of a bridge in Scotland where dogs go to commit suicide. Text your song requests to 216-835-LINK(5465) Include a band name, song title and your name as well so we can give you a shout out on the air! Follow Von ErichRead More

Everything In Between Radio April 8th 2018

On the show tonight we discussed astronaut Buzz Aldrin passing a lie detector test regarding his sightings of UFOs, the thwarted terrorist attack at the Berlin marathon, a boy in India who can light up light bulbs by touching them, the legend of underwater humanoids living in caves in the deep lakes of Russia, horror movie “A Quiet Place” earns the number 1 spot at the box office this week, and more details of show coming soon The Spoiler Party. Follow us on social media: Twitter and Instagram @vonerich

Everything In Between Radio April 4th 2018

On the show tonight we discussed the fight against having homeless shelters in rich California neighborhoods, the CDC is investigating suicides in Stark County Ohio, a bartender being charged for someones drunk driving accident, zombie raccoons on the loose, and a player from the New England Patriots thwarting a possible school shooting because of social media. If there is music you would like to hear on the show, text a band name, song title, and your name, and we will get them on the air! (216)253-LINK[5465]

Everything In Between Radio April 1st 2018

On the show tonight we discussed Beetlejuice coming to Broadway, the Sex, Drugs, or Alcohol quiz about the MLB giving the NY Yankees a warning about stadium employees, the new Funko Pops horror themed cereals, the synthetic weed in Chicago is killing people, a new music festival for Cleveland, and the the latest music from the punk/alternative/metal world.

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