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Everything In Between Radio July 5th, 2016

On the show tonight we discussed the future of new MSC network show Sportsballs, Mexico being in a drought because Americans purchase too much Corona, how the Zika virus was brought to the western hemisphere by one person, a dog who brought a human hand to its owner after a fireworks mishap, the carnage at the Kenny Chesney concert in PA, and we teased the return of the Sex, Drugs, or Alcohol Quiz- as long as Von Erich doesn’t r2d2 it up again.
We also heard music from:
Post Season,
The Other Stars,
Angels & Airwaves,
The City Of Sirens,
Moose Blood,
Against The Current,
Modern Baseball,
Real Friends,
the Lawrence Arms,
The Happy Alright,
Baby Baby,
Runaway Brother,
Tiny Moving Parts,
Neck Deep,
Hit The Lights,
Search The City

Bonus Song:
Tegan and Sara “That Girl”
***No Survivors***

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