Uncensored Net Noise Feb 5, 2016

On today’s show we had a surprise caller that called into the show and I talked about some of the changes going on here at MSC Check us out on facebook Msc Radio Network Follow the show on Facebook Click Here

Everything In Between Radio Jan. 27 2016

Featuring music from: Malibu Stacy Baby Baby The Lawrence Arms Picnic Basket Nosedive The City Of Sirens The Promise Hero Minds Without Purpose Brosef Gordon-Levitt Turnover Visionaries Fallen Short Pompo And The Community College Rejects America’s Pastime Runaway Brother Taken By Sleep Sharks! On Fire! Sean Benjamin + more

Uncensored Net Noise Jan 29, 2016

This is the 1st show back and it was good to be back, as time goes on the show will change to a point where it was before so for now I hope you enjoy the 1st show back. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to spread the word…

Uncensored Net Noise Live This Friday Jan 29, 2016

About Msc Radio Network

MSC Radio Network LLC was started in 2006 by a man who had one dream. That dream was to start a badass internet-only radio station with handpicked programming and a massive listenership that can’t get enough of it. That dream came true–and now the station is celebrating its sixth birthday. One of the reasons fans love MSC Radio Network LLC is that it stretches far beyond its format. It’s not a vanity project. It’s a way for local bands to really connect with listeners, and to get their music recognized.Read More

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