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Everything In Between Radio August 2nd, 2016

On the show tonight we discussed Warped Tour winding down for the year, the Sex, Drugs, or Alcohol quiz, the next season of American Horror Story Roanoke vs. Slenderman, playing Pokemon Go in a Veterans Park, This Week In Suicide a text message exchange between a young man who killed himself and his girlfriend who told him to do it, a zombie pandemic prep suggestion, and info about how to receive the Von Erich song of the day. And we heard music from:

Motion City Soundtrack,
The Swellers,
Search The City,
Masked Intruder,
Avion Roe,
Sudden Suspension,
Rebuild And Rebound,
For Everest,
Real Friends,
Neck Deep,
The Atlas Frame,
The Red Summer Sun,
Boys Of Fall,
A No Coast November,
The Forecast,
Trash Boat,
Farewell, My Love,
Capture The Crown,

Bonus Song:
My Chemical Romance “The Five Of Us Are Dying”
***Hungry Face***

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